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Portland Oregon plumber teaches bathroom remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Portland Oregon

Bathroom plumbing and remodeling importance cannot be over-emphasized. You'll agree with me that we are living in an era where unwinding at home has become a trend for many people. Who doesn't like to spend time in the comfort of their homes, anyway? Home relaxation is a great way to unwind after a busy and or stressful daily activity. Now, wouldn't it be worth it to add some life to that bathroom which has evolved from being just a place to wash into a haven of relaxation and comfort?

Planning Your Bathroom Remodeling

If you have been following my plumbing help and tutorials, you would know already that all plumbing starts with having a structured plan. There is a lot to consider when planning your next bathroom plumbing. First is your finance. The truth is - you can actually redesign your bathroom with as low as $100. Strange as this may seem but with a proper planning, you can achieve a new restored look in your bathroom without having to spend a fortune.

Another factor to consider is space - Choosing your bathtub, shower and other remodeling fixtures depends solely on the space you have on ground. You don't want to stuck fixtures in a limited space and then struggle to navigate in your bathroom - Not good. Choose your plumbing equipments and fixtures according to size of your bathroom. Get advice from your plumber or bathroom remodeling contractor if you are not sure what to choose. Family size is another point to consider when making your remodeling decision. Are you a homeowner who is just starting out life or do you have a large family. You don't want to choose a high bathtub in your very young kids' bathroom. Have your family at the back of your mind when you discuss your next remodeling project with your plumbing contractor or when you go out to shop for plumbing fixtures.

Bathroom Plumbing Trend -  Style                                                                                    Portland Oregon Bathroom Plumbing Plumber

Now you are reading this article because you probably are tired of the old look of your bathroom or perhaps because you want to flow with the time and have a home improvement that can be best described as trendy. In any case, style plays an important role in choosing fixtures for your bathroom plumbing and remodeling. Starting from lighting, to patterns and colors, a right choice of these and other combination of fixtures can transform your bathroom to that "paradise" you so desire. You can't go wrong with freestanding bathtubs as this is top on the list of modern bathroom equipments. So look out for those when you go shopping for a new look in your home. Showers with lots of jets, huge shower heads on horizontal arms and double showers are also top on the trending plumbing fixtures. No matter the choice you make, always look out for showers with high water-efficiency rating.

Choosing Your Color

We can't wrap up our bathroom remodel style without mentioning color. Choosing your color depends solely on your personality and mood. I would choose bright colors, though, because bright colors light up my mood and i find deep relaxation in my bathroom. Home sweet home.

Bathroom Plumbing

Plumbing is not only a skill but also an art. Top plumbers are distinguished by both their skills and ability to create a masterpiece out of every work. This said, you will want to get professional advice from a trained plumber or contractor before you embark on your next bathroom plumbing and remodeling project. It is recommended to use experienced plumbers and remodeling contractors for best results.

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Question: Rattling Central Heating Pipes


I have central heating pipes that rattle very badly if i turn off the rads down stairs it stops.
Any suggestions?


If your central heating pipes make loud rattling noise, there are different possible causes. It could be air in the system which needs to be let out by bleeding the radiators; could be radiator valve rattling;  could also be your pump valve; could be loose duct work or pipes expansion noise. But before I begin to address this, it's important that I know the type of system you have and at what point the problem started. Is your central heating gas or electric? Is it an old system? Was there a recent repair done on the unit before it started rattling? We always urge users to give such details in their questions to enable us give accurate answers since we are not present to look at the system.

Common causes of central heating pipes making a rattling noise and solutions
Air in radiator
How to fix: Bleeding the radiators will fix it if the problem is air in your system. Calling a professional is highly recommended. But if you can follow carefully steps on how to bleed a radiator below, you can do it yourself.

How to bleed a radiator

Locate a small valve (usually square shaped) at the top of your radiator. Locate your radiator's...

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