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Portland Oregon Plumbers - Portland Plumbing Plus

Plumbers Portland OregonPortland Oregon Plumbers in your Portland OR Neighborhoods

We plumb all Portland OR neighborhoods. Contact us to hire residential, commercial or industrial Portland Oregon plumbers - We provide quality and affordable plumbing, heating, gas plumbing, drain and sewer service, using only quality parts guaranteed to give you optimum value for your money. Discover how you can save up to 50% of what you used to pay for new plumbing fixtures installations, plumbing service and repair, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, water line installation, gas piping and gas lines plumbing, water heater sales and service, hot water heater installations or repair, heating and furnace, sewer and drain cleaning, laundry, washing machine plumbing, lift stations and garbage disposal sanitation, drain repairs, gas pipe repair, rain drain, basement back up, toilet plumbing, bathrooms, kitchen sinks, showers and bath tubs plumbing, storm drains, parking lot flooding or flood in any part of your house...: With Portland Plumbing Plus, you save all the way from the time you call to the time the job is completed - Your trip charge is on us, your emergency charge is on us, we never ask you to pay for overtime, you get free estimates and quotes, we offer free online plumbing help, we let you choose your service plan - per hour or per job - We have a 24 hour Portland Oregon plumber standing by 24/7, Saturdays and Sundays included, plus, our plumbing rates are half the traditional Portland plumbers rates - Add up these benefits and freebies to see how much Portland Plumbing Plus will help you save. Call your local Portland plumbing contractors now and be on your way to cutting plumbing cost in two.  

Residential, Industrial or Commercial Plumbers in or Near these Portland, OR Zip Codes

We boast of best Portland plumbing contractors in the industry. Call now to have us send experienced Portland OR plumber in your zip code anywhere in Portland Oregon 97201 ♦ 97202 ♦ 97203 ♦ 97204 ♦ 97205 ♦ 97206 ♦ 97207 ♦ 97208 ♦ 97209 ♦ 97210 ♦ 97211 ♦ 97212 ♦ 97213 ♦ 97214 ♦ 97215 ♦ 97216 ♦ 97217  ♦ 97218 ♦ 97219 ♦ 97220 ♦ 97221 ♦ 97222 ♦ 97223 ♦ 97224 ♦ 97225 ♦ 97227 ♦ 97228 ♦ 97229 ♦ 97230 ♦ 97231 ♦ 97232 ♦ 97233 ♦ 97236 ♦ 97238 ♦ 97240 ♦ 97242 ♦ 97251 ♦ 97253 ♦ 97254 ♦ 97255 ♦ 97256 ♦ 97258 ♦ 97259 ♦ Portland, OR 97266 ♦ 97267 ♦ 97268 ♦ 97269 ♦ 97271 ♦ 97272 ♦ 97280 ♦ 97281 ♦ 97282 ♦ 97283 ♦ 97286 ♦ 97290 ♦ 97291 ♦ 97292 ♦ 97293  ♦ 97294 ♦ 97296 ♦ 97298 ♦ 97299

Industrial, Commercial or Residential Plumbers in Portland Oregon Neighborhoods

Plumbing services of Portland Plumbing Plus cover: Southwest (SW) Portland, Northwest (NW) Portland, Northeast (NE) Portland, North (N) Portland, Southeast (SE) Portland, Central and East Portland Oregon:
♦ Alameda ♦ Arbor Lodge ♦ Ardenwald-Johnson Creek ♦ Argay ♦ Arlington Heights ♦ Arnold Creek ♦ Ashcreek ♦ Beaumont-Wilshire ♦ Boise ♦ Brentwood-Darlington ♦ Bridgeton ♦ Bridlemile ♦ Brooklyn ♦ Buckman ♦ Cathedral Park ♦ Centennial ♦ Collins View ♦ Concordia ♦ Creston-Kenilworth ♦ Crestwood ♦ Cully ♦ Downtown ♦ East Columbia ♦ Eastmoreland ♦ Eliot ♦ Far Southwest ♦ Forest Park ♦ Foster-Powell ♦ Glenfair ♦ Goose Hollow ♦ Grant Park ♦ Hayden Island ♦ Hayhurst ♦ Hazelwood ♦ Healy Heights ♦ Hillsdale ♦ Hillside ♦ Hollywood ♦ Homestead ♦ Hosford-Abernethy ♦ Humboldt ♦ Irvington ♦ Kenton ♦ Kerns ♦ King ♦ Laurelhurst ♦ Lents ♦ Linnton ♦ Lloyd District ♦ Madison South ♦ Maplewood ♦ Markham ♦ Marshall Park ♦ Mill Park ♦ Montavilla ♦ Mt. Scott-Arleta ♦ Mt. Tabor ♦ Multnomah ♦ North Tabor ♦ Northwest District ♦ Northwest Heights ♦ Northwest Industrial ♦ Old Town Chinatown ♦ Overlook ♦ Parkrose ♦ Parkrose Heights ♦ Pearl District ♦ Piedmont ♦ Pleasant Valley ♦ Portsmouth ♦ Powellhurst-Gilbert ♦ Reed ♦ Richmond ♦ Rose City Park ♦ Roseway ♦ Russell ♦ Sabin ♦ St. Johns ♦ Sellwood-Moreland ♦ South Burlingame ♦ South Portland ♦ South Tabor ♦ Southwest Hills ♦ Sullivan's Gulch ♦ Sumner ♦ Sunderland ♦ Sunnyside ♦ Sylvan-Highlands ♦ University Park ♦ Vernon ♦ West Portland Park ♦ Wilkes ♦ Woodland Park ♦ Woodlawn ♦ Woodstock




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I Highly Recommend Portland Plumbers Plus

Curt D
Gresham, OR
I highly recommend Portland Plumbers Plus they were very fast and efficient and took care of a nasty clogged drain,and very friendly

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Portland Plumbing Plus - Affordable Plumbers For Top quality

Plumbers in Portland OR 97206 Zip Code

24 Hour Portland Oregon Plumbers in Southeast Portland OR 97206

Portland Plumbing Plus | Plumbers Portland Oregon 97206

Plumbers Portland OR 97206

Contact our plumbers in Portland OR 97206 for 24 hour round the clock service. Portland Plumbing Plus is dedicated to quality at affordable prices. We offer residential and commercial plumbing & heating in Portland Oregon 97206 and all location we service, offering top class plumbing installation, remodeling and repair; water heater sales, service and installation - electric water heater, gas water heater, on-demand water heater, tankless water heater installation or repair; gas plumbing - gas line installation, old house repiping, complete or partial repiping, gas pipe repair, gas leak detection, gas piping, gas pipe installation or repair; sump pump plumbing - sump pump drain installation or repair, sump pump installation, sump pump drain cleaning; lift station plumbing and sanitation; kitchen plumbing - kitchen sink installation and repair, kitchen sink drain plumbing, clearing clogged kitchen sink, unclogging clogged kitchen drain; toilet plumbing installation or repair; bathroom plumbing - bathroom remodeling, bathroom sink installation or repair, bath tub installation or repair, bathroom drain plumbing, shower and shower valve installation or repair, shower drain installation and repair, bath tub drain installation and repair; laundry room plumbing; washing machine and dish water plumbing installations, drain cleaning services, floor drain, rain drain, storm drain and sewer services - sewer line installation, repair or replacement, sewer line cleaning, blocked mainline cleaning and any plumbing problem or need you may have in Portland OR 97206 and all of our service areas in Oregon and Washington. Call your local Portland plumber from your neighborhood in Portland Oregon 97206 - from Foster-Powell, Brentwood Darlington, Mt. Scott-Arleta, South Tabor, Woodstock, Richmond neighborhoods.

Portland Plumbers in Foster-Powell Neighborhood Portland OR 97206

Find good plumbers in Foster-Powell Portland Oregon 97206 near Multnomah County Library, Multnomah Park Cemetery, Foster-Powell Day Care, Powell Boulevard, Foster Road, 82nd Avenue, Essex Park, Kern Park, Firland Parkway, Laurelwood Park, Mt Scott Community Center and Pool, Mt. Scott Park, Springwater Corridor in the Foster- Powell area

Portland Plumbers in Brentwood Darlington Neighborhood Portland OR 97206

Find a good plumber in Brentwood Darlington Portland Oregon 97206 near Brentwood Darlington Day Care, Multnomah County Library, Brentwood Park, Brentwood Community Garden

Portland Plumbers in Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Portland OR 97206

Find good plumbers and plumbing contractors in Mt. Scott-Arleta Portland Oregon 97206 near Lents, Foster-Powell, southeast Foster Road, Southeast 82nd Avenue, Southeast 60th Avenue, SE Duke, Mt. Scott Park, Mt. Scott-Arleta Community Center, Mt. Scott-Arleta Day Care, Laurelwood Park, Multnomah Bible College, Multnomah County Library, Mt. Scott Pool, Multnomah County Library, Cascade College, McMenamins Mall 205 in the Mt. Scott-Arleta area of Portland Oregon

Portland Plumbers in South Tabor Neighborhood Portland OR 97206

Find a good plumber and plumbing contractor in South Tabor Portland Oregon 97206 near Southeast Division, 82nd Ave, 52nd Avenue, Southeast Powell, Mount Tabor, Franklin High School, Mt. Tabor Park, Atkinson Elementary, Mt. Tabor SUN Community School, Kellogg Middle School, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Multnomah County Library, Trinity Fellowship Church, Clinton Park, South Tabor Day Care

Portland Plumbers in Woodstock Neighborhood Portland OR 97206

Find good plumbers in Woodstock Portland Oregon 97206 near Cesar Chavez Boulevard/Southeast 39th Avenue, SE Holgate Boulevard, Johnson Creek, Southeast 60th, SE 45th Ave, Eastmoreland, Mt. Scott-Arleta,  Reed, Reed College, Creston-Kenilworth, Creek, Woodstock Park, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Multnomah County Library, Woodstock Community Center, Berkeley Park, Woodstock Day Care in the Woodstock neighborhood of Portland Oregon 

Plumbers in Portland OR 97214 Zip Code

Dependable Portland Oregon Plumbers in Southeast Portland, OR 97214

Local Plumbers in Sunnyside, Richmond, Buckman, Hosford Abernethy,  Laurelhurst, Kerns

Plumber Portland Oregon OR 97214

Portland Plumbers in Sunnyside Neighborhood Portland OR 97214

Hire credible local plumbers in Sunnyside Portland OR 97214 neighborhood for double assurance. Portland Plumbing Plus maintains a high standard in rendering the best Portland plumber services and low plumbing cost in all Portland Oregon neighborhoods and zip codes. We are happy to have satisfied our customers over the years by providing top-notch plumbing services in Sunnyside Portland Oregon 97214 zip code and all neighborhoods in every direction of Southeast Portland OR - Mount Tabor, Buckman, Center, Richmond, Laurelhurst, Southeast SE Stark Street, Southeast SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Hawthorne District, Southeast SE 28th Avenue, Market Street, Southeast SE 49th Avenue, Belmont street.... Discover how our residential and commercial plumbing rates can help you cut plumbing cost into two. Call Now for free estimates or get online quote from the link above. We have great discount offers for coffee shops, restaurants, bars, other businesses and residential homes in Southeast Portland Oregon as well as in all our service coverage areas.

Portland Plumbers in Buckman Neighborhood Portland OR 97214

Find good plumbers in Buckman Portland Oregon 97214 near Clinton, Belmont, Colonel Summers Park, Buckman Community Garden, Buckman Arts Magnet Elementary School...

Portland Plumbers in Richmond Neighborhood Portland OR 97214

Find a good plumber in Richmond Portland Oregon 97214 near Multnomah County Library, Richmond Day Care, Clinton Park, Richmond Elementary School, Kung Fu Bakery

Portland Plumbers in Kerns Neighborhood Portland OR 97214

Find good plumbers and plumbing contractors in Kerns Portland Oregon 97214 near Downtown Portland, Multnomah County Library, Kerns Day Care, Everett Community Garden, Oregon Park, Buckman Community Garden, Buckman Field,Benson Polytechnic High School....

Portland Plumbers in Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Portland OR 97214

Find a good plumber and plumbing contractor in Hosford Abernethy Portland Oregon 97214 near Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Portland Plumbers in Laurelhurst Neighborhood Portland OR 97214

Find good plumbers in Laurelhurst Portland Oregon 97214 near Downtown Portland

Portland Plumbing Services and Repair

Save on plumbing costs when you hire Portland Plumbing Plus

  • Plumbing Installations
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Hot water heaters
  • Electric and Gas Water Heater Installation
  • Electric and Gas Water Heater Repair
  • Heating Systems
  • Heating Installation
  • Heating Repair
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Residential Plumbing
  • Industrial Plumbing
  • Emergency Plumbing
  • 24 Hour Plumbing
  • Laundry Room Installation
  • Water Line Installation
  • Sewer Construction
  • Sewer Lines Installation
  • Gas Piping
  • Gas Line Installation
  • Gas Pipe Repair
  • Washing Machine Plumbing
  • Dish Washer Plumbing
  • Sewer Main line Plumbing
  • Drain Lines Installation
  • Showers and Shower Valve
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Faucets Plumbing and Repair
  • Bath tub Plumbing
  • Toilet Installation and Repairs
  • Sump Pump Plumbing and Maintenance
  • Garbage Disposal Plumbing and Sanitation
  • Crawlspace and Lift Stations
  • Drain Cleaning

Call us with your specific plumbing need or problem if it is not on the list.

Portland Plumbing Plus got you covered 24/7 if you are located in or around these areas:

  • Buckman
  • Hosford Abernethy
  • Kerns
  • Laurelhurst
  • Richmond
  • Sunnyside
  • Southeast SE Stark Street
  • Southeast SE Hawthorne Boulevard
  • Hawthorne District
  • Southeast SE 28th Avenue
  • Southeast SE 49th Avenue
  • Multnomah County Library in Sunnyside
  • Stumptown Coffee
  • Laurelhurst Park
  • Sunnyside School Park
  • Sunnyside Arts Theater
  • Oregon Park
  • Sunnyside Day Care
  • Movie Madness
  • Ivon Community Garden
  • Willamette River
  • Belmont
  • Everett Community Garden
  • Sellwood
  • Clinton
  • Colonel Summers Park
  • Buckman Community Garden
  • Burnside Street
  • Downtown Portland
  • Old Town Chinatown
  • Morrison Bridge
  • Burnside Bridge
  • Hawthorne Bridge
  • Creston-Kenilworth
  • Powell Boulevard
  • Brooklyn
  • Sullivan's Gulch
  • Hollywood

See our service areas page for more locations we cover

Plumbers in Portland OR 97205 97204 Zip Code

Trusted Portland Oregon Plumbers in Downtown Portland, OR 97205 97204

Local Plumbers in central Portland OR - 24 Hour Plumbing

Plumber Portland OR 97205 97204

Portland Plumbing Plus promises you the best Portland plumber rates in all Portland Oregon neighborhoods and zip codes. For over 30 years, we have served Downtown Portland, OR 97205, 97204 from the Willamette River to Interstate 405 in the West, the Union station, Portland Saturday Market, I-405 and Portland State University areas in addition to surroundings of the Portland Downtown: Old Town Chinatown, the South Waterfront, Lloyd District, Brewery Blocks, Goose Hollow, the Pearl District, Corbett Terwilliger, Northwest and Southwest Hills. Hire Portland Oregon plumbers with modern plumbing skills and green training to offer quality modern plumbing installation services and repairs at Portland homes, businesses and industries in Downtown Portland OR. Enjoy the proximity benefits of hiring local commercial and residential plumbers in Downtown Portland Oregon 97204, 97205 for any plumbing and heating project or repair services: plumbing installation, bathroom remodeling, toilet plumbing, kitchen remodeling, laundry room, water lines, washing machines, dish washers, shower and bathtub plumbing, gas piping, pipe repair, drain lines plumbing, sewer construction, sewer line installation, plumbing repair, sump pump plumbing or sump pump maintenance, heating installation, gas line installation, heating repair, water heater installations, drain cleaning, sewer service, crawlspace, lift stations, garbage disposal plumbing, garbage disposal drain cleaning and sanitation, electric or gas hot water heater installation or repair and service... No project is too big or too small, we accept even the smallest plumbing repair jobs in Portland Downtown and all our service areas in Oregon and Washington. Our service trucks work in your neighborhood 24 hours everyday, from areas around Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland State University, the Wells Fargo Center, the Fox Tower, the Koin Center, the US Bancorp Tower, the Pacwest Center to areas surrounding the Hawthorne bridge, Broadway bridge, Ross Island bridge, Burnside bridge, Steel bridge, Morrison bridge, Fremont bridge and Marquam bridge

Plumbing Discount in Portland Downtown 97205 97204

Need a plumber in Downtown Portland? See how you can save when you hire Portland plumbing companies near you. Portland Plumbing Plus do not charge you trip fees, emergency or overtime and we have best plumbing cost in Oregon and Washington. Our promise: if you get it cheaper from any plumbing company in our service locations, we give you 10% less. Call us 24/7 for free telephone estimates or complete our service request form to receive free online plumbing estimate. Click here ► free online plumbing quote to access our plumbing service request form

Portland Plumbing Services and Repair

Some services we offer:

  • Plumbing Installations
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Hot water heaters
  • Electric and Gas Water Heater Installation
  • Electric and Gas Water Heater Repair
  • Heating Systems
  • Heating Installation
  • Heating Repair
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Residential Plumbing
  • Industrial Plumbing
  • Emergency Plumbing
  • 24 Hour Plumbing
  • Laundry Room Installation
  • Water Line Installation
  • Sewer Construction
  • Sewer Lines Installation
  • Gas Piping
  • Gas Line Installation
  • Gas Pipe Repair
  • Washing Machine Plumbing
  • Dish Washer Plumbing
  • Sewer Main line Plumbing
  • Drain Lines Installation
  • Showers and Shower Valve
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Faucets Plumbing and Repair
  • Bath tub Plumbing
  • Toilet Installation and Repairs
  • Sump Pump Plumbing and Maintenance
  • Garbage Disposal Plumbing and Sanitation
  • Crawlspace and Lift Station
  • Drain Cleaning...

Please call us if the plumbing service you need is not listed here

Downtown Portland - save up to 50% on plumbing costs

Save up to half your plumbing cost, call us for plumbing in Downtown and surrounding areas:

Portland Oregon 97204, 97205 Zip Codes and Surrounding Neighborhoods

  • Portland State University
  • Portland Saturday Market
  • Tom McCall Waterfront Park
  • Pioneer Courthouse Square
  • Portland Park Blocks
  • Portland Opera Repertory Theater
  • Portland Art Museum
  • Oregon Historical Society
  • Koin Center
  • Fox Tower
  • Wells Fargo Center
  • Pacwest Center
  • Us Bancorp Tower
  • Hawthorne Bridge
  • Ross Island Bridge
  • Morrison Bridge
  • Broadway Bridge
  • Burnside Bridge
  • Marquam Bridge
  • Steel Bridge
  • Fremont Bridge
  • Corbett Terwilliger
  • Goose Hollow
  • Willamette River
  • Northwest
  • Southwest Hills
  • Pearl District

Plumbers in Portland OR 97209 Zip Code

Portland Oregon Plumbers in Pearl District or Old Chinatown Portland, OR

24 Hour Local Plumbers in Pearl District (Central) & Old Chinatown (Northwest) Portland OR

Plumber Portland OR

Portland Plumbing Plus offers unbeatable plumber rates in all Portland Oregon neighborhoods, zip codes and service locations which include Pearl District in central Portland, Old Chinatown in Northwest Portland and 97209 zip code. Our Portland OR plumbers have up-to-date training to provide quality residential, commercial and industrial plumbing & heating, gas piping, sewer and drain cleaning to businesses, industries, art galleries and residential condominiums in the Pearl District and Chinatown Portland Oregon as well as in all locations listed in our service areas page.

Great Plumbing Discount In or Near Portland Oregon 97209

Start saving by hiring a local plumber Portland OR 97209 that charge no travel, emergency or overtime fees in and around Old Chinatown or Pearl District, Portland Oregon - From North Downtown, NW Broadway, Interstate 405 Freeway, West Burnside Street, areas around the Willamette River, Powell's City of Books, Union Station, the Us Post Office central facility to the Lloyd District, the Portland Skidmore(Old Town Historic District), Portland New Chinatown (Japantown) Historic and SW 3rd Avenue, locations around Dan and Louis Oyster Bar, Voodoo Doughnut, Port of Portland, the Portland International Airport, Portland classical Chinese Garden and surrounding areas in Portland, OR 97209.
Portland Plumbing Plus offer discount residential, commercial and industrial plumbing services to restaurants, boutiques, clubs and bars in addition to other businesses and residential condos in the area.
We service all Portland Oregon zip codes and many locations in Oregon and Washington. Click on our service areas page for some of the locations we serve. 

Up to 50% Discount on Portland Oregon Plumbing services

See how you can save up to half your plumbing cost when you hire Portland Plumbing Plus
Travel Charges - Off
Emergency Fees - Off
Overtime Charges - Off
Plumbing Quotes - Free
Estimates - Free
Online Plumbing Help - Free
Plumbing Parts - Quality at best Prices
Water Heaters - Quality brands at best prices
Plumbing Rate - Less than what other companies charge

We are your trusted 24 hour Portland Oregon Plumbers providing first class services at low prices.


Question: Dangers of Methane | Hydrogen Sulfide Gas | Sewer Gas


Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide Gases

My daughter lives in Mexico. She has a very strong smell in all 3 of the bathrooms. The sink drains were installed upside-down and there is no seal on the toilets. This smell is making her whole family very sick. How dangerous is this, and how can she determine how bad it actually is? Limited resources in Mexico. I am concerned for their safety. Can you give me some more info. Her husband needs to be convinced on concerns for health. They have 5 little kids in the house.
Thank You


Before I even start to answer this question, I advice that your daughter call a certified plumber/professional sewer company or contact her local government over there for recommendations of certified companies to help them fix the sewer gas odor you described.

Before they try to open the sewer lid, the worker/plumber/sewer contractor should be aware or made to be aware that sewer manholes or any enclosed space within the sewer system contain invisible life threatening dangers such as Hydrogen sulfide gas, explosive gases and absence of oxygen.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a highly poisonous and inflammable gas which occurs naturally in natural gas, volcanic gases, crude petroleum and other natural occurrences. It is also produced by the bacterial breakdown of waste materials usually found in waste treatment plants, sewer systems, swamps. Hydrogen sulfide gas has a foul odor of rotten eggs similar to what you described in your question "very strong smell in all 3 of the bathrooms". For the purpose of this question, I will base my answers on sewer gas (Hydrogen sulfide produced by the break down of waste materials in sewer systems/waste management systems) This is how Hydrogen sulfide is produced in sewer systems/waste management systems: When microorganisms decompose waste materials in the sewer system/waste management system, this is done in the absence of oxygen and the resulting gas is Hydrogen sulfide (sewer gas)...

Read full answers for dangers of methane, hydrogen sulfide or sewer gas

We service the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area in the States of OR and WA

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