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Modern Plumbing and History of Plumbing

Plumbing and its fixtures are integral parts of every building - home, office or business. From the comfortable ambiance of your beautiful bathrooms to the classy kitchen plumbing - thanks to modern plumbing techniques. Not forgetting that elegant shower and bathtubs seen in many homes today are testimonies that plumbing has developed from mere piping fixture and lead "plumbum" as recorded in the history of plumbing, into elegance and splendor.

Modern plumbing techniques and skills however, owe its credit to the founding fathers of ancient civilizations prior to and in the 19th Century- Babylonian, Roman, Greek, Chinese and Indian - from where plumbing originated and without whom the history of plumbing would not be complete.

Today, home improvement and modern plumbing fixtures are every home owners desire from classy kitchen plumbing and remodeling to trendy toilet plumbing or bathroom remodeling. Plumbing contractors and professionals who have skills and experience to put up masterpieces of modern plumbing are sought after every where in the world. Home owners on their part are learning to be creative themselves by using different plumbing tutorials to manage their home plumbing.

Portland Plumbing Plus has merged the two essential needs of every home in one package. Here, you will find plumbing tutorials to troubleshoot minor  home maintenance problems in addition to finding the best plumbing professionals for your modern toilet, bathroom, kitchen, shower, faucets, gas plumbing, water heaters installations and heating services.

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Portland, OR
I called Bob at 7:00 on a Sunday morning. He was here by 9:30am. Polite, professional,and timely...This is what service should be. Money well spent. I would recommend Portland Plumbing Plus to anyone.

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Portland Plumbing Reviews Portland Oregon

Portland Plumbing Company Reviews

Portland Oregon Plumbers Review

Portland Plumber Reviews Portland Oregon

The most trusted Portland plumbers reviews come from your friends and neighbors in Portland Oregon - Ask your neighbor of Portland Plumbing Plus or ask us for references. We take pride in providing top quality services: new plumbing fixtures installations or repairs, water heater installations or replacement and repair, heating systems installation, maintenance and service, commercial and residential gas plumbing, gas piping or old house re-piping, water line installation, maintenance or repair, garbage disposal plumbing and drain cleaning, sewer line installation and sewer service, drain repair, sewer construction or repair, drain cleaning and sanitation, rain drains service, storm drain...

Portland Oregon Plumbing Reviews

Portland plumbing reviews are customer assessment of value or quality of products and services of plumbers in Portland Oregon. We are proud to say that we deliver on our promises and are willing to give out references off our invoices. You can also look us up on Google Maps Reviews for comments from clients we have served over the years. Customers discover where to get best value for their money through unbiased reviews and the most authentic Portland plumber reviews are from people you know or those you ask. At Portland Plumbing Plus, we let you ask our customers yourself. References are available.
We offer you 24 hour round the clock plumber services at low plumbing cost. If you are looking for quality service and best plumbers rates in Portland Oregon, then search no further.


Plumbers Install, Replace and Repair Plumbing

Plumber - Definition, Jobs and Skills
Plumber Plumbing Plumbers Plumbers are trained skilled workers who install, replace, manage or repair plumbing, gas and heating fixtures. Service of plumbers include performing routine check-up on these appliances. A plumber is most commonly needed for plumbing repairs or installation such as a running toilet, burst or broken pipe and clogged drains, water leak in crawl space, water leak in basement or ceiling, faucet repair, shower or bath tub valve repair and installation, water heater repair or replacement, garbage disposal repair or construction, dish washer installation, indoor or outdoor drain and sewer line clogs, drain and water pipe leak, drinking water system and line installation or repairs, ice maker line installation and other plumbing fittings maintenance and repair. Plumbers work in many aspects of every building/property or home thus making their skills the most sought after in every country. They maintain different systems that connect water, heating and air conditioning, sewage, gas, drainage, kitchen and bathroom lines, vents and venting, laundry, baths, sinks and showers. In fact, all plumbing fixtures and heating systems appliances including heating and air conditioning supply, sewer and sewage, crawl space and garbage disposal systems, dish washer and ice maker plumbing fixtures.

A plumber may work independently operating his own plumbing company. Plumbers who own their own business may hire other plumbers or work alone depending on business turn over and size of client base. Alternatively, he/she can take up an employment in other plumbing companies working in any or all of the spheres of plumbing: commercial, residential, repair, remodeling or construction. Such a plumber may also be employed by the plumbers union, towns and city departments that need his services to maintain, repair and fix clogged drains and pipes installed in city streets ensuring that these systems comply to standard city codes.

Emergency Plumbers

Emergency plumbers are those who respond quickly to a plumbing problem at all times. A plumber who is willing to work over time and after official closing hours is often referred to as an emergency plumber or 24 hour plumbers. Most plumbing companies are looking for employees to work as emergency plumbers taking care of their clients' emergency plumbing needs like blocked toilet or plugged up drains, flooded yard, overflowing systems and pipes, steaming heating systems or water heaters heating up, running toilet, broken pipe, leaking or burst pipe, clogged drains and sewer lines, toilets backing up and other plumbing emergencies or problems that need instant plumbers attention.

Commercial Plumbers

Commercial plumbers are plumbing professionals who work in commercial areas like restaurants, offices, universities, medical outlets, hospitals, schools, businesses, churches, rental properties, commercial real estate and construction sites. They are in high demand as their skills handle high tech systems found in these commercial buildings.

Residential Plumbers

A residential plumber on the other hand is a plumber that works in homes. Their duties include installation, repair and service of home heating and air, venting systems, gas appliances, toilets, shower, laundry room, bath tubs, swimming pools, sinks and other related kitchen plumbing parts, faucets, unclogging clogged drains, repairing broken pipes, stopping overflowing water systems or fixing over-heating  water heaters or backed up toilet and tank-less water heater installation. Home plumbers job also include replacing an old electric or gas water heater or installing a new one as well as boiler service and repair or fresh boiler installation.

Drain Plumbers

Drain and sewer plumbers take on works like plumbing drain, sewer and drain cleaning, clearing sewer lines, unclogging and repairing drains, sewer line installation or sewer construction and main line drain repair. A plumber can choose to be a drain cleaner or not. It's a matter of choice of area to specialize in a plumbers career. Drain cleaners are in constant demand because of frequent cases of clogged and blocked toilet, clogged kitchen sink and faucets, blocked mainlines, plugged up drains, flooded basement and different cases of rain and storm drains.

Plumbing Contractors

Plumber contractor can also be a general contractor. A plumber who performs all categories of the plumbing trade in residential and commercial buildings in addition to other related trades like electrical is known as a general contractor. In comparison, a specialized plumbing contractor handles some areas of plumbing according to his skill and license of operation. Some plumber contractors have their own private practice without necessarily owning a plumbing company or being employed by one, in the traditional sense of it. These type of plumbers are contractors who accept out-sourced jobs from other plumbers or plumbing companies and do the work with their own tools. In this scenario, a plumbing company gets a job from a home owner, but too busy to do the job and not wanting to disappoint his/her client, this company hires and pays a trusted independent contractor to complete the job through out-sourcing. Today, out-sourcing is a term that is very popular in the business world and among big companies and corporations. Modern day plumbers are not left behind in this practice in their effort to satisfy all customers.

Plumbing Repair and New Construction

A plumber may specialize in either repair or construction or both. A repair plumber concentrates on service and repair of fixtures and fittings. These are called service plumbers and are needed for emergency repairs in residential and commercial buildings. Plumbers who work in construction projects have licenses and trainings to do such works as plumbing construction, installation and remodeling. These are mostly contractors who do installation and remodeling. Apart from works such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling, new construction and additions, a plumbing contractor can also perform repair works.

Portland Plumber

Looking for a good Portland Plumber?

Reliable Plumber in Portland Oregon working 24/7 is here to help Portland Plumber Portland Oregon

A good Portland plumber in your area who is experienced in all spheres of plumbing and heating installation or repair is what you need if you are looking for services of a plumber in Portland. We are dependable, affordable, reliable and experienced to fix all plumbing, gas piping, heating, drains and sewer issues both installations and repairs. When you call Portland Plumbing Plus, be sure that you are getting the best plumber in Portland area who will honestly quote your job and give you best value for your budget. We work with every budget and every tight schedule. Our mission is simple: To satisfy you.

A good Portland plumber is what every homeowner, real estate owner, tenant, property management company and business is looking for in Portland. We are more than plumbers to our clients and customers. We are your Portland plumber friend in need - whether emergency plumbing or financial consideration, We offer different kinds of help to our clients. Our uprightness speaks for itself and this is the reason every home in Oregon is turning to us for quality plumbing at half the price you can get anywhere in Portland and beyond.

Your search for trusted plumber in Portland ends here. We charge you what we bid. No stories..No surprises. Get our free quote today and join in our P3 membership. You'll be surprised how much you can save with our different discount options created for Portland, OR 97201, 97202, 97203, 97204, 97205, 97206,97207,97208,97209 - 97299  and many more Oregon cities we service.

Kitchen Sink Plumbing - How To Install Kitchen Sink

Welcome to best kitchen sink plumbing company in Portland

Kitchen Sink Plumbing - Portland Plumbing Plus

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Portland Oregon

Do you need plumbing help to install your kitchen sink yourself or are you looking to hire a professional for kitchen sink plumbing? Portland Plumbing Plus specializes in all aspects of kitchen sink plumbing in Portland Oregon - kitchen sink drain plumbing, sink repair, utility sink, pedestal sink, laundry sinks, bathroom sink plumbing, bathtub sink plumbing, unclogging clogged sinks, replacing old kitchen sink basin or installing new ones, replacing old sink drain pipes or installing new drain pipes, kitchen faucets installation or repair, repairing & installation kitchen water lines.

Guide For Installing Kitchen Sink By Portland Plumbing Plus

The kitchen is the most important part of every house and kitchen plumbing should be top on the list of every home owner's maintenance and plumbing plan. We at Portland Plumbing will take you through kitchen plumbing tutorials to help you with your home maintenance.

For the purpose of this plumbing guide, we shall sub-categorize kitchen plumbing into the following areas:

  • Choosing and installing kitchen sink basins
  • Kitchen sink drain plumbing
  • Kitchen Faucets plumbing
  • Kitchen sink pipes installation
  • Kitchen sink water lines installation


Choosing Your Kitchen Sink Basin

Modern kitchen sink basins are shipped in different colors, styles and designs. I recommend that you choose colors that will suit your overall kitchen color theme. While space and type of kitchen cabinet in place can affect your choice of a sink basin design, always remember to consider how you want your sink basin mounted to choose either a top-mount basin, a flush-basin or under-counter basin. On the other hand, you have the lead when it comes to the style of your sink basin. Simply follow your taste.

Budget is not much of a hindrance when you go out to shop for your kitchen sink as these can be purchased as low as $50 and as high as $4700. Now be careful with really cheap plumbing parts or supplies and always insist on warrantied and trusted brands. Ask your reliable plumber for  advice.

My rule of the kitchen plumbing game is "if you got the money, why don't you treat your kitchen to the hyper-modern and exotic kitchen luxury - your wife or husband may love you more for this - and if you are looking to be economical (recommended), especially in these days and times, then there is always a good kitchen sink for your money.

In any case, my take on this is moderation. Always look for a point where quality meets affordability. That's the point i shoot for in all my kitchen sink plumbing supplies purchase.

With your sink basin and other kitchen plumbing fixtures and supply in place, next step would be installation. You can do any aspect of kitchen plumbing you plan if you follow and master a detailed plumbing tutorial. However, it is recommended to always hire a professional to handle every major plumbing project as this gives you best results and double assurance.

If you live in Portland Oregon or other Oregon cities, Portland Plumbing Plus will set you up right in every area of sink plumbing from kitchen sink plumbing to sink repair, bathroom sink to laundry sink, clogged sinks to replacing kitchen drain pipes and faucets plumbing. Call Portland Plumbing Plus today for free estimates and have a quality kitchen sink plumbing in Portland and any where in our Oregon service districts.


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Plumbing In Portland Oregon

24/7 Plumbing Professionals in Portland Oregon

Quality Portland Plumbing - Why you must accept nothing less

Plumbing Portland Oregon

Plumbing problems are constant spring of anxiety and financial burden for every home in Portland Oregon and all over the world. Managing plumbing issues without stress or frustrations depends largely on your ability to find a dependable and affordable Portland plumbing specialist. You can find a cheap plumbing contractor who does a shabby job and you spend twice as much in the end. You may also fall into the hands of a trained and well skilled professional whose plumbing rates are exorbitant. In which case you pay more than you should for your plumbing jobs. The possibilities of home owners experiences with plumbers are endless.

Good Plumbing Contractors in Portland - Where are they?

Finding an affordable plumbing company in Portland with skilled and reliable plumbers is a huge task for Portland Oregon home owners and businesses alike. It takes a while to establish trust with your plumbing company and before you arrive at the trust stage, you may have spent a fortune trying out different plumbing contractors and sampling different skills.

Good news is - Portland Plumbing Plus has made your search a lot easier by providing you plumbing experts for prices you can't say "NO" to. Our plumbing contractors have the required training and experience to give you quality plumbing works in all projects - kitchen, bathroom, toilet, laundry room, bathtub, sink, shower, emergency plumbing, residential or commercial plumbing and heating. Call now to book appointment with a trusted plumber who has been plumbing Portland  with credible results since 1980. All estimates are given to you free and our prices are the best in town.

Shower Plumbing - How to Install a Shower

Shower plumbing in Portland Oregon 24 hours everyday

Need Shower Installation or Repair?

Shower Plumbing Portland Oregon

Shower plumbing is Portland Plumbing Plus' top specialty with many shower installation projects to show for it in every aspect of shower plumbing in Portland - we replace shower valves, fix leaky or broken shower, install or replace showerheads, solve shower drain odor, stop a dripping shower, handle shower drain plumbing and all shower plumbing repairs.

How to Install a Shower

Choosing the right showerhead

Did you just buy an old house and are looking to replace your traditional shower with a modern one? Or do you want to convert your existing bathtub to a new shower? Irrespective of what your bathroom renovation need is, this tutorial will be helpful to you. Let's start by choosing the right showerhead for you. Availability of space is often the determining factor for choosing the right plumbing supply in your bathroom. If you have a limited space, you may want to choose the corner shower setting which complements your limited space to give you a chic looking shower setup.

Detachable, Standard or Hanging Showerhead? - Choose according to your style

Your choice of either a detachable showerhead, a standard showerhead or an overhead (hanging) showerhead is a function of your personal style. If you love compactness and resilience, then detachable showerheads are for you. And if on the other hand you want your showerhead installed permanently on your shower, you need to go for the standard showerhead. The hanging showerheads on their part are attached to the roof from where water splashes on you from above  independent of your shower. If you want to get the feel of a waterfall right inside your bathroom, then go get a hanging showerhead style.

We shall continue the series on How to Install a Shower in subsequent articles. In the meantime, make up your mind on which shower best suits your situation and style and go grab it. Do not forget to consult your bathroom remodeling or shower plumbing professional for help.

Didn't find answers to your plumbing question or problem? Ask a plumber online Now. Click here ► Free online plumbing help to get answers.

This article is sponsored by shower plumbing experts in Portland Oregon - Portland Plumbing Plus LLC. Let us give you a beautiful bathroom and quality shower plumbing.


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Hi: To whom it may concern.
When you turn the gas on at your stove does this decrease the pressure at the regulator or is the pressure constant in the lines until there is a leak? How do we know if we have a leak or its just the stove being turned on?

Turning the gas on at stove will definitely cause drop in static pressure but not up to a high level of noticeable difference. If you are worried that you may be having a gas leak, then watch out for gas smell or...

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