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Heating and Heating Systems

How much does winter commercial or home heating cost you?
Heating and cooling takes up to 55% of utility bills in the US and is a major concern to families and businesses battling already with the economic crisis which has hit the whole world. As a result everyone is looking for cost effective and efficient heating systems.
Whether you use radiant or solar heating, electric or gas heating, pellet heating or furnace and boiler heating, expenses incurred through home and commercial heating are heavy on the finances of every home owner, business or tenant. Portland Plumbing Plus is here to help you manage your heating both as your best heating systems installation and service provider and also as a heating professional partner who tells you secrets you need to know in order to minimize cost of heating. Now, only Portland Plumbing Plus can do this for you.

People using small space heaters and those that have central heating installation will find helpful tips to keep their heating and furnace systems running in top condition through the winter and beyond.

Know Your Heating Systems - Boilers and Furnaces

Almost every home use furnaces and boilers for heating so let's focus our tips on furnace and boiler heating. While boilers heat water, providing either hot water or steam for heating, furnaces heat air and distribute the heated air around the house via ducts.

Maintaining these two appliances is very vital and we'll show you how. If you use radiant heating drawing energy from either a radiant floor heat, electricity, boilers or other energy sources that power a radiant heating system, our tips will also be beneficial to you.

Other topics to cover in this heating tutorial are heat pumps, fireplaces installation and maintenance, electric and gas water heater, hot water boilers and many more plumbing and heating care.

Safety Precaution Before Troubleshooting Heating systems
Turn off all electrical power to your heating and HVAC systems. This is very important. Please never forget.

Boilers and Furnaces Tips For Home Owners & Tenants

Heating Don't Don't and Care
When turning your furnace heating ignition switch on or off, never touch the gray glass part.
Make sure your heating professional installs same brand of your ignition  with same specification as old one if you need your ignitor replaced.
Always verify the voltage of your heating home line as running it on high voltage can damage your appliance. An ideal voltage should be between 110 - 125 volts.
Contact a heating contractor or electric company if your voltage rises above 125.
Have a professional carry out a routine check on your furnace filters to determine when it's due for replacement. A dirty furnace filter can cause over heating and in some cases fire out break.

Air Conditioning Evaporator Care:

If you have a vacuum cleaner, a coil cleaner or coil fin cleaning tool, which can be purchased from any plumbing supply store, clean your coil regularly to make sure it is not plugged up. Note though that cleaning must be done in the direction the coil fins are running to avoid bending the fins and causing more damage. Attention: Let your heating or HVAC contractor handle your heating systems if you are not sure what to do.

Thermostat Heat Setting

It is recommended to set your thermostat's anticipatory setting to a value greater by 1 from the amp draw. For example, if your gas valve's amp draw is 4 amps, then it is best practice to set your thermostat at 5 amps. This ensures a longer run time as well as a longer off time.

Heating Tips For Heating Contractors and Professionals

Before you start any heating systems repair or maintenance, first carry out an inspection of the systems involved. These are a few things you can look out for:

1. Verify that heat exchangers are in good condition. If the boiler heat exchanger leaks water, then it needs a repair.

2. Make sure that the furnace heat exchanger is not leaking. Note that you need to inspect carefully for a leaking furnace heat exchanger as these are not easily detectable. It's important to note that leaking furnace heat exchangers mix combustion gases with house air and is a high danger threat. So inspect carefully and repair.

3. Check the condition of all vent pipes and chimney. Overlooked chimney and vent connecting pipes can cause major problems which may call for a total re-installation of a heating system. So verify that every part of the venting system is in good condition and if not, carry out a repair as soon as possible.

4. Perform a combustion efficiency test before heating systems installation. This saves your clients lots of money in the long run and puts you in a high standing with your customer. Never do a rush rush job for a client you hope to retain.

5. After heating replacement or installation, adjust the controls on the boiler or furnace to provide optimum water and air temperature settings for both efficiency and comfort. Your client will love your work for that. Don't set it too high or too low. A balance is super.

Steam Systems Guide for Heating Contractors and Professionals

  • Improve heat exchange efficiency by draining water from the boiler to remove sediments.
  • Also drain the float chamber to remove sediments that clog the low water cutoff control.
  • Inspect the boiler water for corrosion and put measures in place to check the build up of corrosion and deposits. Use appropriate solutions for this.
  • Test the condition of the low-water cutoff control
  • Check the high-limit safety control for possible pointer that the hot water system needs replacement or a repair
  • Clean the heat exchanger of the steam system
  • Contact Portland Plumbing Plus for further heating help.


Heating systems services, installation and repair should be performed by heating professionals. Never try any tip or repair if you are not properly equipped with enough information and mastered the process. Call a heating contractor instead.

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Heating Installation and Repair Discount Of Portland Plumbing Plus - Quality Service Cheap Bill
Need to replace heating or repair heating systems professionally with low prices? Portland Plumbing Plus is your answer. We offer best plumbing and heating in Portland Oregon as well as in all locations we service. We repair and install all heating at residential properties, rental houses, hotels, restaurants and other commercial heating services. Our specialization cover both electric heating installation, electric heating repair and service as well as gas heating systems replacement and heating repair in Portland Oregon and many districts we provide our services in like Gresham, Beaverton, Oregon City, Tigard, Aloha, Tualatin, Clackamas, Fairview, Vancouver, Milwaukie, Gladstone, Westlinn, Troutdale, Forest Grove, Lake Oswego, Sherwood, Happy Valley, Wilsonville, Hillsboro plus many more. Call us from any Oregon city because we may be in your area too.

Contact Portland Plumbing Plus for emergency heating services on commercial and home heating systems in Portland OR and all Oregon coverage areas. From water heaters to heat pumps repairs and service or heating replacement to heating installation, service and repair. Portland Plumbing Plus also provides furnaces and fireplaces service 24 hours round the clock in all surrounding Oregon cities from Portland.

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Gordon E.
Santa Rosa, CA
My elderly, blind uncle lives in S.E. Portland. His bathtub drain was clogged, so I called a couple of places and arranged for a different plumber to come out two days before my visit from my home in California. The estimate was between $175-$275. I then found Portland Plumbing Plus online and asked for their estimate. What I nice surprise when they said they would unclog it for free! Bob, the founder, called first, then came right out on the day of my visit and fixed the bathtub drain in a jiffy. Bob of course was very professional throughout. It couldn't have been any easier. My uncle and I were so impressed that we are going to have them fix the hot water heater and a problem with the kitchen drain. We are so grateful for Portland Plumbing Plus and highly recommend them.

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Question: Dangers of Methane | Hydrogen Sulfide Gas | Sewer Gas


Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide Gases

My daughter lives in Mexico. She has a very strong smell in all 3 of the bathrooms. The sink drains were installed upside-down and there is no seal on the toilets. This smell is making her whole family very sick. How dangerous is this, and how can she determine how bad it actually is? Limited resources in Mexico. I am concerned for their safety. Can you give me some more info. Her husband needs to be convinced on concerns for health. They have 5 little kids in the house.
Thank You


Before I even start to answer this question, I advice that your daughter call a certified plumber/professional sewer company or contact her local government over there for recommendations of certified companies to help them fix the sewer gas odor you described.

Before they try to open the sewer lid, the worker/plumber/sewer contractor should be aware or made to be aware that sewer manholes or any enclosed space within the sewer system contain invisible life threatening dangers such as Hydrogen sulfide gas, explosive gases and absence of oxygen.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a highly poisonous and inflammable gas which occurs naturally in natural gas, volcanic gases, crude petroleum and other natural occurrences. It is also produced by the bacterial breakdown of waste materials usually found in waste treatment plants, sewer systems, swamps. Hydrogen sulfide gas has a foul odor of rotten eggs similar to what you described in your question "very strong smell in all 3 of the bathrooms". For the purpose of this question, I will base my answers on sewer gas (Hydrogen sulfide produced by the break down of waste materials in sewer systems/waste management systems) This is how Hydrogen sulfide is produced in sewer systems/waste management systems: When microorganisms decompose waste materials in the sewer system/waste management system, this is done in the absence of oxygen and the resulting gas is Hydrogen sulfide (sewer gas)...

Read full answers for dangers of methane, hydrogen sulfide or sewer gas

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