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Portland Drain Cleaning Company

Drains and Drainage Systems

Having drain problems or clogged drains issues is the "hell" no one likes to go through. We at Portland Plumbing Plus care so we have created this article to help you troubleshoot some drain problems in your home and solving your drain problems starts with knowing your drain and drainage system

Drains - What Are They?

Drains can be put to various uses. First, drains are plumbing pipes through which waste water or sewage run into the sewer. Example: kitchen or toilet drain. Second, they are channels for the flow of water that is recirculated, you see these second type of drains in facilities such as a swimming pool. Drains are located every where in and outside your building, from your kitchens to bathrooms to toilets and the whole yard in general. There are sink drains, shower drains, toilet drains, floor drains, french drains, trench drains, storm drain, rain drain, mainlines, yard drainage and other drains and drainage systems.

The importance of drains cannot be over-emphasized. Little wonder, the agony of a clogged drain is heavy on every home owner and or tenant. So take some time to read all plumbing information and tips in this article for a better understanding of how your drain works. This article will help you solve some of your drain problems yourself.

Drains and Your Home - What You Must Know

Drain cleaners are a must-have for every home. As true as the above statement is, it is important to also know that drain cleaning products used in many homes to unclog blocked toilets, blocked kitchen sinks, blocked bathroom drain, all other clogged sinks and clogged drain lines are chemical based and can have adverse effects on our household environmental safety as well as cause serious health problems or even death, if care is not taken.

Best Practice - Use natural and home-made solutions for minor drain cleaning and unclogging clogged drains. Avoid using a drain cleaner to unclog a heavily blocked toilet, sink and other drain lines. Contact a drain professional who will use specialized drain cleaning machines to unblocked such drains.

Drain Cleaning and Drain Odors - How to Clean your Drain and Get Rid Of Smell

You and I know the embarrassment of a smelly drain and no one wants to live with this. We are going to teach you a few tips you can use to keep your drain odors away. Good thing is, every thing you need to get rid of your drain odor is right there in your home. We will show you how to use them.

Ingredients for this experiment:
1 Cup Of White Distilled Vinegar
1/2 Cup Of Baking Soda
Boiling Hot Water
1/2 Cup Of Salt

I bet you use most of these ingredients in your kitchen to make meals. Now you will use them not as recipe but in other ways to get rid of smell in your drains. Pour the above mentioned quantities of salt, baking soda and white vinegar down your drain. Attention - This experiment has a bubbling effect so cover the drain cap as soon as the vinegar is poured in. Let the bubbles settle down before you pour boiling hot water in; about a kettle or two.
Congratulations, the embarrassing drain odor in your home is taken care of and your drain should run smoothly as a result of your experiment.

Note that the splash and spill from the bubbles of salt and soda can leave an unpleasant sight on your kitchen sink and other plumbing fixtures. Cleaning these with a hot water is recommended to bring back the original look.

If however your drain odor persists after this experiment, contact a drain cleaning company or drain plumber.

Drains and Yard Drainage - Getting Rid Of Basement Or Crawlspace Flooding And Moisture

Did you know that the position of your property in relation to that of the next house close to yours could result in constant moisture in your home? If your house is situated on a steep slope relative to other houses in your area, water from another house on a higher elevation than yours can cause constant moisture in your yard.

Solution - You need a profound and proper yard drainage system. Get trench or french drains installed underground in your yard to properly channel the flow of water off your property. Discuss this with a professional drain contractor or landscaping professional. Your contractor or you should check with your local utilities and study your city codes and laws before you embark on any excavation project. Never dig where you shouldn't to avoid any trouble from both neighbors or your city laws.

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If you live in Oregon or Washington, Portland Plumbing Plus is your best choice for solving all plumbing and drains problems. Visit our home page for full service overview. Click here Portland plumbers to go to home page.

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Rain Drain | Storm Drain Cleaning In Portland Oregon

Find expert drain cleaners in Portland 24 hours every day

Pay Less For Drain Cleaners and Drain Cleaning Portland

Storm Drain Cleaning Portland Oregon

We provide top rated drain cleaning in Portland Oregon and all our service areas 24 hours daily for the same low prices. Your drains will be cleaned and cleared professionally with the best drain cleaning equipments that are soft on your lines but hard on the grease and blockages that cause clogged kitchen, blocked bathtubs, clogged sink drain, clogged toilet drain, blocked septic line and clogged main line. With us, it's a win win situation as we show you secrets to help keep your drains running in good shape in addition to rendering affordable drain cleaning services that are unbeatable in Portland Oregon.

Floor Drain, Storm Drain Or Rain Drain - Portland Plumbing Plus Has Solution

Storm or rain drain cleaning in Portland OR and all our Oregon and Washington service regions? Call Portland Plumbing Plus immediately to fix any rain drain damage or storm drain problem - The effect of a storm drain can be very destructive on any house so it's important to run a routine check on your storm drain system regularly. Portland Plumbing Plus provides first class rain or storm drain solutions that not only clear the flooding resulting in storms and heavy rains but also maintain your storm drain system to prevent future occurrence. We have worked with storm drains in Portland and all over Oregon for many years and use our wealth of experience to effectively solve all  storm drain, downspout drain, flood damage and rain drain problems.

Smelly Drain, Main line, Toilet OR Sink Drains

Portland Plumbing Plus gives you low prices for high quality toilet, sink and main lines drain cleaning in Portland and many Oregon cities. Is it a clogged toilet or blocked bathtub? Do you need unclogging clogged kitchen sink or septic line cleaning in Portland? Do you have unbearable smell coming from your drain? Portland Plumbing Plus uses tested drain cleaning techniques that quench every drain odor and unclog every bath, toilets, sinks and septic clogs. Call now for an instant appointment. We are available 24/7 for drain cleaning service in Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, Fairview, Tigard and in all areas we operate. Call the best drain plumbers in Oregon today and see that the difference is clear.

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Clogged Floor Drain

Anita Y
Portland, Oregon
So thankful! Our basement floor drain was backing up and starting to flood our laundry room. I had never needed an emergency plumber and didn't know who to call, but luckily I called Bob! He was here within 45 minutes and cleared the drain in no time! He was very professional and quick. I will definitely recommend P3 to my friends and family should they have a need. $85 well spent! Thanks again!

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Why My Water Heater Will Not Shut Off?

My heater will not shut off it keeps burning. No matter how low or high i turn it. Burner only goes back to the pilot when i put it there. The heater is new. What is the problem?

Water heaters that will not shut off should not be taken lightly as this can cause a deadly explosion. Common cause of a continuously running water heater is a faulty control valve. You must shut off gas flow to heater immediately. Locate the gas control valve on the gas line to heater and shut it off. Also turn off...

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