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We are a customer-satisfaction Portland plumbing and construction company offering top quality plumbing and construction services at unbeatable discount rates plus money-saving customer benefits. We have helped many Oregon and Washington customers cut plumbing and home improvement costs into two and even more. Want to start saving when you hire a Portland plumber and construction contractor? Here's how our Portland Oregon discount plumbing and affordable construction services can help ↓

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Water Heater Review

Jonathan and Melissa Howard
Portland, Oregon
Ok, this plumber here really blew me away. When our water heater broke we called NW Natural gas company. NW Natural wrote a report and suggested we hire water heater service. The first service plumber we called couldn't figure it out but wanted to sell us a new water heater. My answer was no, this water heater is only 3 years old. Two days without hot water, I took my frustration to work and my coworker raved about Portland Plumbing Plus so I gave them a call. The customer service clerk was really nice and helpful but I needed to talk to the plumber, so she put Bob on the phone. Once I had Bob on the phone, I knew I have found the right plumber. Bob asked me to read the report from NW Natural gas and he could tell on the phone that my water heater is American pro line water heater brand and he was right, I was blown away that he could tell my water heater brand and model without looking at it. To make the long story short, I got their same day appointment which was also cool and our water heater was up and running within 30mins from when the plumber got here. Portland Plumbing Plus is now our newest best friend and plumber

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Portland Plumbing Plus is happy to give you No-Obligation free plumbing quotes or free construction service quotes on phone and online and we honor our phone and online quotes. We will need full description and complete disclosure of the problem or project to enable us provide an accurate quote. We may request one or all of the following during the quote process: pictures, drafts or plans. If you are unable to access the source of the problem to take pictures or unable to provide full description of the problem or project, or unable to provide pictures or drafts or plans for the job, you can request for our technician to come out to the job site to inspect and evaluate the problem or project, then provide you a quote. Please note that we charge inspection/evaluation fee for our technician to come out to access and locate hidden problems, locate hidden leaks, or evaluate a project if the customer is unable to provide the information needed to do quote over the phone or via email.

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Portland Plumbing Plus provides free plumbing estimate via phone or email. Please call (503) 933-1183 or (360) 980-9041 to get a free phone estimate. If our phones are busy or we're unavailable to answer, please leave a message with your name and phone number and we'll get back to you as soon as possible Or you can request a quote online using the free estimate link below.

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We are available 24/7 to give free online estimates depending on your full job description and complete disclosure. Kindly click on the following link to request free online quote now ► Free online estimate

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You can request for in-person inspection or physical evaluation if you are unable to access the source of the problem or if you are unable to provide pictures or drafts or plans for the job. Please note that we charge inspection fee if you request for our technician to come out to locate hidden problems like underground leaks, hidden leaks, pipes leaking inside a wall or in the ceiling, and we charge evaluation fee if you request for our technician to come out to evaluate the problem or project because you are unable to provide pictures, drafts or plans needed for phone or electronic quote. To request appointment for inspection/evaluation, please Call 503-933-1183

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Question: Rattling Central Heating Pipes


I have central heating pipes that rattle very badly if i turn off the rads down stairs it stops.
Any suggestions?


If your central heating pipes make loud rattling noise, there are different possible causes. It could be air in the system which needs to be let out by bleeding the radiators; could be radiator valve rattling;  could also be your pump valve; could be loose duct work or pipes expansion noise. But before I begin to address this, it's important that I know the type of system you have and at what point the problem started. Is your central heating gas or electric? Is it an old system? Was there a recent repair done on the unit before it started rattling? We always urge users to give such details in their questions to enable us give accurate answers since we are not present to look at the system.

Common causes of central heating pipes making a rattling noise and solutions
Air in radiator
How to fix: Bleeding the radiators will fix it if the problem is air in your system. Calling a professional is highly recommended. But if you can follow carefully steps on how to bleed a radiator below, you can do it yourself.

How to bleed a radiator

Locate a small valve (usually square shaped) at the top of your radiator. Locate your radiator's...

Read full answers for rattling central heating pipes

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