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Why You Shouldn't Use PVC Pipe For All Aspects of Plumbing

Does the PVC pipe have to be a certain type to use for plumbing? I used the common PVC pipe from Lowes hardware store.

It is advisable to always ask before you make a decision on materials to use in your plumbing. Not all PVC pipes are recommended for all types of plumbing. Even though a PVC pipe can be used to plumb indoor drains, vents and waste lines, they are not suitable for outdoor plumbing or wherever they are exposed to sunlight or heat as they will melt. A PVC pipe will also melt when used in hot water lines plumbing. I wouldn't use PVC pipes for my water lines indoors or outdoors. CPVC pipes manufactured by Flow Guard can be used for plumbing. The PVC pipe you bought from Lowes hardware store may be used for indoor drain lines, vents and waste lines. However, if what you bought from Lowes hardware store is a CPVC pipe by Flow Guard then you may use that for other plumbing aspects. Call a plumber if you are in doubt of the pipe you have. If you used a PVC pipe for your water lines, it is recommended that you repipe the plumbing with Wirsbo pipes. Hope this helps. Should you have further questions, please ask again.

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