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Question: Sewage/Sewer Ejector Pump Problem

Why does the injector pump go on and off during the day and night. This just recently started. It's at least 25 yrs old. Any help would be appreciated.

I am assuming that what you meant by "injector pump" is the "sewage ejector pump" in your plumbing system. Is this ejector pump located in your basement? Your question is not descriptive enough to enable us have a clear picture of the problem you have but because you requested an expedited answer, I am going to try to respond to your question based on the assumption that you are talking about your "sewage ejector pump"

Sewer Ejector Pump/Sewage Ejector Pump/Sewer Ejector/Sewage Ejection Pump/Sewage Ejection System/Lift Station Pump, all refer to the same sewer system

Check Valve related issues are common problems that cause sewer ejector to turn on and off or spin on and off continuously

Troubleshooting a sewage ejector pump that goes on and off non-stop:

1. No check valve installed
Solution: Install a check valve

2.Improperly installed check valve
Solution: The check valve should be installed no further than 18 inches above discharge line from the pump itself or all the head water will drain back into the pump and the pump will keep cycling on and off.

3. Leaky Check Valve - If the check valve is leaking, the water will flow back into the basin and cause the pump to run on and off
Solution: Replace defective check valve

4. Obstruction
Solution: Open up existing check valve and inspect it for anything that could be keeping it from closing all the way after pump has finished its cycle. Clear/remove any blockage.

Contact your city sanitary/sewage department or call a plumber with sewer/sewage pump training or certification for immediate repairs

Answer provided by plumbers at Portland Plumbing Plus LLC

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