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Question: Low Water Pressure From Blocked Pipes



Blocked Water Pipes - I am not getting enough force of water what should I do?

I got iron water pipes in my house now they are all filled with mud so I am not getting enough force of water what should I do? I've heard about some chemical to clean it!! is that right?

The problem with iron and galvanized water pipes is that they deteriorate and rust with time.This problem is common in old houses plumbed with black iron pipes or galvanized pipes. And what you described as mud is not mud but scales from the rust that has built up over time inside of the pipes. I am afraid you need to repipe the plumbing in order to solve the problem. I advice that you do not try using any chemical in the pipes. Chemical cleaners will eat away the pipes and cause leaks without achieving any lasting result. Instead, get a plumber in your area to give you a quote for repiping. Replacing the plumbing is the recommended option for fixing this problem

Answers provided by Portland Plumbing Plus of Portland Oregon

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