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Question: Washing Machine wont Stop Filling Up With Water



Washing Machine wont Stop Filling Up With Water

I bought new washing machine cause I thought my old one was on its way out cause even though it still was running a cycle when it had finished the drum would fill up with some water and now exactly the same is happening with the new one! pls help.

A new washing machine is obviously not the solution to the problem you are having with your washer. In most cases, a pinched or disconnected hose is responsible for the washing machine filling up continuously. If you are confident and comfortable with handling appliances and tools, unscrew your washer's panel and look for the air hose (it's a small tube that is normally connected to the air dome of your washer) If the hose is not attached, then that's the cause of the problem. To fix this problem, you need to re-attach the hose to the air dome using a tie-wrap. And if the hose is pinched, release the pinch to fix it. Cover the panel afterwards and see if it works.

If however, you opened the panel and found that the air hose is attached to the air dome and it's not pinched, then the washing machine problem could be either a faulty water level switch or a faulty/malfunctioning water valve.

My advice:
If the problem is not the hose, you need a plumbing professional to replace either your water level switch or water valve. Note that I said a "professional". Seek recommendations from your friends or neighbors to know the right plumber to call. You can also research local plumbers in your area by reading online reviews of your local area plumbing companies. or are good places to start if you want to look for plumbers reviews online.

There could be other possibilities responsible for the washing machine problem, apart from the air hose, water level switch and water valve, but a good plumber should be able to determine that during diagnosis.


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