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Question: Low Hot Water Pressure in Bathroom


Low Hot Water Pressure in Bathroom

We have 2 full bathrooms. Recently the hot water pressure in the two bathroom sinks has decreased. The shower in the one bathroom has no hot water pressure at all. Hot water pressure in the other shower is great. How can i improve the hot water pressure?

You may want to trace the history of repairs on your water lines since the low hot water pressure started recently according to your question. Was there a recent repair on the lines? Did the low hot water pressure start after a fitting installation? If there was no recent repair or alteration on your plumbing, then the most likely cause of the low water pressure in your bathroom is sediment that have built up inside your hot water tank.

What Causes Sediment in Hot Water Heater Tanks

1. Natural Minerals in Water
The water we heat in hot water heaters contain different minerals. Water with high concentrations of these minerals is considered hard. Hard water leave scale deposits at the base of the storage tank and result in buildup of sediment.
2. Debris and Dirt
Debris, dirt and tiny pieces of sand find their way into the water heater tank through different means and build up into sediment.
3. Bacteria
Corrosion causing-bacteria inside of the water heater tank is another major cause of sediment built up in heaters.

The build-up of sediment cause either a partial or total blockage in hot water lines and/or valves (like what you have in your bathroom). There is a possible sediment blockage in your shower valve with no hot water pressure at all. Flushing the sediment will greatly improve the hot water pressure. I strongly advice that you call a professional plumber if you don't know how to blow out sediments from a shower valve and/or flush your hot water tank. If however you are familiar with water heaters and the process, then go ahead and flush it. I am sure it will improve your hot water pressure.


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