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Question: No Hot Water in Shower


Why No Hot Water in Shower

I have an outdoor shower with Moen parts. The shower plumbing was drained last fall in preparation for winter but after turning the water back on a few weeks ago, I do not have hot water coming through the lines. I have a few shut off valves and a drain point in the basement and have ensured that everything is on and that there is pressure at the drain port but between the drain port and the shower head the hot water is not passing through. Is there a chance the line is plugged or that the Moen part is malfunctioning?
The plumbing disappears behind the walls at the drain port on the hot water line so I cannot inspect any further. I have heard that there is a part in the Moen control handle that may be at fault but I cannot confirm on the internet. I do have hot water for a bathroom that branches off of that line. Also noted that there is a little cold water pushing through the line when the control handle is turned all the way to HOT. Any ideas?


I am assuming that you have hot water in every other part of the house except that one shower because the fact that you have hot water in "a bathroom that branches off of that shower line" suggests that the problem is related to that particular shower. And like you rightly guessed, not having hot water in the shower could be caused by any one of the following: faulty valve or plugged line. Now, knowing the type of plumbing line you have will help to further narrow down the cause of lack of hot water in your shower. Question 1: Do you have galvanized pipes? (mostly in old houses) If you answered yes to the above question, then you probably have a plugged line. Question 2: Do you have copper lines? If your plumbing is copper pipes, then you most likely have a faulty valve.

Also, you may be having problem of wrong plumbing considering this part of your problem description: "Also note that there is a little cold water pushing through the line when the control handle is turned all the way to HOT"

My conclusion: In old houses (40 years and above) plumbed with galvanized pipes, plugged line is the common problem causing your shower to not have hot water. As galvanized pipes get older, rust and mineral deposits build up inside of them and eventually block off the flow of water through them. Note that galvanized pipes clog problems typically start on the hot water side first. If you have an old house with galvanized pipes, I'm afraid the only solution would be to replace the whole plumbing with copper pipes.

And in newer houses with copper plumbing, a faulty valve is most likely the problem.

I advice that you call a plumber if you are not sure the type of plumbing pipe you have.


Answers provided by Portland Plumbing Plus of Portland Oregon

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