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Question: Water Heater Will Not Shut Off


Why My Water Heater Will Not Shut Off?

My heater will not shut off it keeps burning. No matter how low or high i turn it. Burner only goes back to the pilot when i put it there. The heater is new. What is the problem?


Water heaters that will not shut off should not be taken lightly as this can cause a deadly explosion. Common cause of a continuously running water heater is a faulty control valve. You must shut off gas flow to heater immediately. Locate the gas control valve on the gas line to heater and shut it off. Also turn off water supply to the tank. If you installed your water heater yourself, you should be able to locate your gas control valve, uninstall it, take it to a nearby plumbing supply store, buy a replacement and install. If you do not have any knowledge of water heater installation, please call the plumber who installed it or any professional water heater installer.

But considering that you said your water heater is new, I am assuming you have a warranty on. If so, uninstall the heater or have a plumber uninstall it and return it to where you bought it from. Warning: never continue to use your heater in the faulty state as this can turn into a big problem.

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