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Question: House Water Smells Like Metal


We just got our water heater replaced because there was rust in all of the water in our house. The water still smells like metal. What can we do to fix this?


Your house water smelling like metal can be caused by different many things. To be able to know the real source of your problem, there are some questions we need answered: How old is your house? Do you have galvanized lines or copper? Is your house wirsbo?
The metal smell could be from old pipes that have deteriorated with time. But this is possible if your house is anything between 40 to 50 years old. And I'm thinking this may be the case with you since rusted old piping can cause the rust you find in all of your water - sinks, tubs, showers

If your house is old, you'll need a complete house repiping to fix this. So replacing plumbing pipes in the house would be the only solution.

Note also that tap water has different mineral concentrations. This could be another reason your house water smells like metal. Installing a water filter or water softener (which removes excess minerals from your water) will fix the problem in this case.

It will also help to get the bureau of geological survey in your local area to test your house water in order to determine the mineral concentration that's causing the metal smell. Inquire at your local government.

I suggest that you call a professional plumber to diagnose your water lines for the source of the metal smell. If you live in Oregon or Washington, Portland Plumbing Plus will be willing to come out and diagnose the real source of the problem.


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