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Question: Water Heater Problem


Water wont stop coming out of the overflow part of the hot water heater. What should I do?


I think you're talking about your water heater's T&P valve. That is a water heater safety device and if water is overflowing from this part, you need to call a plumber ASAP. If you can, turn your water heater off at the breaker box while you wait for your plumber

Answers powered by Portland Plumbing Plus of Portland Oregon

We specialize in water heater installation and repair. If you're in Oregon or Washington, call Portland Plumbing Plus for professional water heater installations and repairs. We fix the following water heater problems and more: Water leaking from the T&P valve or water wont stop coming out of the hot water heater t&p valve. Tankless water heater runs hot water but water turns cold after some time. Water heater pilot keeps going out. Noise in water heater plumbing pipes. Hot water heater pilot is started and thermostat turned up but no hot water is heating. No water coming out of water heater. Rinnai tankless water heater vibrates when starting. Rheem electric water heater is running cold water. Electric or gas water heater is not heating water at all. Only warm water coming out of rheem dual element electric water heater. Water heater pilot wont stay lit. Low water pressure in hot water heater. Hot water pipes rattle and make horrible rumbling noise. Gas water heater is overheating and smell coming out of water heater. Gas water heater is leaking. Hot water heater pilot keeps going out or wont ignite at all. When taking a shower rinnai tankless water heater heats hot water then suddenly starts running cold water for some time then goes back to hot water again. If you are having any of the water heater problems or other issues with your water heater: electric or gas, tank or tankless, Portland Plumbing Plus is here to help you. Visit our plumbing prices page to see how you can fix your water heater and save. 24 hour plumber is waiting.


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