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Question: How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

How do I prevent Frozen Pipes?


The best time to prevent frozen pipes is before the winter scourge. Never wait until you face the horrible experience of a frozen pipe. Here are few things you can do to save your pipes and house hold from the winter trouble: Insulate pipes, disconnect all garden hoses, shut-off and drain your water system, if you are going to be away for some time, keep the house warm by setting your thermostat to at least 55°F (12°C)


What to Do If You Have a frozen Pipe

If you have a frozen pipe, leaking or burst pipes, don't try to ruin your plumbing pipes further or put your house in danger. Get help from a professional plumber. Do you have a frozen pipe? Are your water faucets shut from the freeze? If your water pipe is frozen or broken and flooded your house. Dont panic; call your plumber.

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We are here to help you fix frozen pipes, frozen pipe thawing, frozen pipe heaters repair, fix broken pipe, frozen pipe prevention and any plumbing problem or need you may have. Note: chemical drain cleaner is not used to unclog a frozen pipe. Get help from P3 plumbing today. 24 hour plumbers are waiting.


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